Deep links that just work

Branch provides free deep linking technology to mobile app developers. This universal link works on every OS and browser to deliver the user the optimal experience with the best context. Using a Branch link allows you to track your install source and build personalized, deep link enabled user experiences. We're on a mission to help developers grow their business through deep linking, and allow users to discover content inside mobile apps.

What does Branch do?

Branch is the most robust deep linking platform for your mobile app. We handle every; edge case for you - if you need something we don’t support, let us know and we’ll fix it.

  • Deep link to specific content, even through install on iOS and Android
  • Pass data through install with embedded parameters
  • Smart redirecting from any platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger and anything you can imagine
  • Automatically list content on app search portals like Google App Indexing, Bing search through Facebook AppLinks, Apple Spotlight and more
  • Measures clicks and downloads by unique link, so that you can optimize for growth

You can build custom solutions with our links, or start deep linking right away with pre-built features. Integration takes less than half an hour and is completely free - no hidden costs.